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A Korean Hair Perm is a natural looking and feminine hairstyle with a focus on bounciness, volume, framing the face in a flattering manner. Instead of perm the whole head, a Korean hair perm includes volume rebonding that provides more body and form to the overall look. Those who have experienced the flat hair that is plastered on your scalp need not worry as Korean rebonding will not result in such a hair disaster. In terms of maintenance, Korean hair perms are famously known for being low-to-no maintenance and the perms can really last up till 6 months. Suitable for casual to formal looks, the Korean perm is certainly the go to hair style for that effortless look!
Another advantage of the Korean perm is that it does not cause your hair to become frizzy after the perm due to the techniques, tools and difference in chemicals used to achieve those curls. For those who are looking for soft natural curls that are reminiscent of beachy effortless waves, the Korean hair perm is definitely made for you!
There are fewer waves (than there are curls) for Body Wave Perms however the waves are a lot more defined than the usual S Curl perm. 

The waves are also really big and is more suited for those who desire the beachy waves look.