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Straight Perm and Digital Perm

A revolutionary design care system which make use of Field Science

Developed by Field Science ( Salon`s feedback) concept

TOKIO de SINKA is now the receiving great rating from premium salons in AOYAMA, HARAJYUKU , GINZA and it is now the most popular salon menu in Japan.

TOKIO INKARAMI “SINKA” has been renewed by acting on the many opinions received by these first-class salons.

Sinka Tokio Inkarami advance salon menu frizz control , an advance system to control frizzy condition a customized system to address to this particular group of consumer.

The miracle formula in SINKA TOKIO INKARAMI has been deepened further.

1st evolution : glossy / weightlessness / durability ( restore hair’s strength up to 140 percent /aggregation of hair bond / Nobel prize awarded ingredient ).

2nd evolution : volume / silky / moisturized / ( Texture of hair ).

3rd evolution : curve or straight , up to your desire. ( design capability and room for creativity for hair ).

4th evolution : enhanced hair texture and usability ,reduced chemical odor during perming ( customer satisfaction is improved ).

Restore hair during perming ,turn dullness hair with healthy softness and shine .

We would like to invite you to experience this revolutionary design care system in Malaysia.