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Penetrating agents and to facilitate hair’s moist.

Ingredients: Urea, Keratin Amino Acid, Hydrolyzed silk, Ceramide complex

Urea act as a penetration enhancer to penetrate ingredients into hairs; keratin amino acid, ceramide complex, hydrolyzed silk and Pellicer is use for caring damaged hair.


Urea has a function in softening cuticle. By softening cuticle which hardened by heat and alkali. Urea enhances ingredients penetration by raising an obviously low swelling ratio. It is a structural ingredients penetration of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), it can bring a large amount of moisture and enhancing penetration.



As a foundation for INKARAMI to replenish keratin into hair.

Ingredients: Waterfowl down & feather keratin, Gemini type amino acid, Fullerene

Gemini type amino acid and waterfowl-sourced down & feather keratin has a high affinity with human hairs, it helps penetrating hair’s damaged part.

Fullerene helps prevent oxidation.

<Waterfowl down & feather keratin>

Molecular weight 750: Amino acid composition has a high affinity to hair, which improves protection and makes it more long lasting. It has a higher hydrophobicity which improves than wool keratin. Firstly, penetrate in low molecular and then strengthen by polymerizing to high molecular during acid processing in order to reduce loss.

<Gemini type amino acid>

High affinity and absorptivity to hair because of the formation of natural amino acid and lipid acid which are very similar to human hair’s ingredient.

It helps improving strength, touch of feel and to increase a large amount of bound water and to suppress cuticle lift-up.



Building up hair core by INKARAMI reaction.

Ingredients: Keratin amino acid, Meadowfoam-lactone, Fullerene

Keratin amino acid will combine with the keratin from TOKIO 1, promoting polymerized to improve elasticity and strength significantly and to achieve a long-lasting result.

Fullerene help to prevent oxidation.

<Keratin amino acid>

Molecular weight of Keratin from human hair is 90~200, it’s the best to use for repairing. Bonding and polymerizing (20,000) Keratin amino acid and waterfowl keratin will reach an amazing hair repairing, moisturizing and restoring result.


Meadowfoam-lactone will combine with the amino base keratin through the heat up process (Amino bond). Because of the excellent absorbability, it can remain firmly on hair, strengthen hydrophobic result. Repairing, Moisturizing, Anti-static, smoothing results can be expected.



Finishing INKARAMI process by replenish 4 types of keratins.

Ingredients: Wool-sourced hydrolyzed keratin, Hybrid-polymer, Fullerene

4 type of different molecular weight keratins will approach to cortex part, in order to repair damage and to reinforce hair. Furthermore, hybrid-polymer will trim the surface layer of hair to retrieve an amazing shine and smooth, and of course to achieve long-term durability.

Fullerene helps prevent oxidation.

<4 types of Hydrolyzed keratins>

[Molecular weight 400]: Wool-sourced hydrolyzed keratin to moisturize and to repair damaged hair, penetrates into hair core, makes hair strength to be stronger.

[Molecular weight 1200]: Wool-sourced heating hydrolyzed keratin. Protect hair from heating process, increase moisturizing, improve strength and luster of hair, prevent colour fade out.

[Molecular weight 10000]: Wool-sourced high molecular hydrolyzed keratin. Cling on the layer of hair to prevent protein loss from the core. It also penetrates into damaged hair, recovering damaged hair to a nearly virgin hair condition. During the perm process, it can also improve the wave efficiency and preventing colour fade out.

[Molecular weight 30000]: Wool-sourced high molecular hydrolyzed keratin. It can develop an excellent film to make hair elastic, smooth, luster and easy to manage.


Hydrolyzed silk / PG-Propylmethylsilanediol crosspolymer. It has an excellent adsorptivity to damage hair, preventing loss of ingredients from the hair core. It makes hair shine and smooth.

TOKIO 4 4m 4S

Replenish oil to the hair layer, building hair texture.

Ingredients: 18MEA, Ceramide NG, Fullerene

18MEA and 13 types of plants oil, together with ceramide NG to increase the ability of water retention and moisture retention.

Fullerene helps prevent oxidation.


It’s an oil exists in healthy hair. It has a high adsorptivity to reach shine, silky result, together with repairing damaged hair.

<Ceramide NG>

80% above of the lipid in the hair core is ceramide NG. It has an excellent water retention to develop a barrier of the hair layer.


BASIC line















Patented Technology: INKARAMI

The first chemical reaction in the hair industry “Aggregation Bonding”


Restore hair’s strength up to 140%

Average treatment restoration ration over 105%


Nobel Prize awarded ingredient

The very first combination of the much talked about ingredient, “Fullerene”

√ No 1 Repairing Power


√ No 1 Enduring strength


√ Most wanted shine


√ Lightness & Softness feel


√ Amazing change in hair quality