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Luxe Studio KSL City


L2-090 & 091, KSL City

No 33, Jalan Seladang

Taman Abad

80250 Johor Bahru, Johor


Tel: +607 272 1388

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Luxe Studio is located at Level 2-090 & 091 in KSL City Mall. A Leading Hair Salon providing a range of affordably priced Hair Services. We use only the best international hair products at our Salon like Loreal, Milbon, Mucota, Goldwell, Shiseido, Advante, Tokio Inkarami, K-Gloss, La Biosthetique and organic hair-care products such as Oway, Davines, Nature’s Organic SenseOur Hair Studio in KSL provides Professional Hair Cut & Wash, a variety of creative hair color schemes (Balayage Hair Color, Ombre Hair Color, Sombre Hair ColorBabylights Hair Color, Galaxy Hair Color) and a variety of Hair Treatments including our Signature Treatment, Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment, K-Gloss Treatment and Mucota Hair Treatment, Advante Smooth Treatment, Sinka Frizz Control, Re-texture Bond and also a variety of Hair Perm Services such as Advante Perm, Sinka Tokio Inkarami Digital Perm, Korean Wave Perm, C curl, S curl & J curl


Hair Design (Wash & Cut / Finishing)
Male | Female
Artistic Director (By Appointment Only)
RM120 | RM160
Creative Director
RM100 | RM130
Salon Director
RM80 | RM100
Master Stylist
RM68 | RM88
Professional Stylist
RM58 | RM68
Wash, Blow & Styling
RM38 onwards

Hair Art (Colour)
Colour / Highlights / Bleaching
RM168 onwards
Organic Colour (Ammonia Free, Natural Origin)
RM218 onwards
Creative Colour (By Consultation)
* Balayage / Ombre / Sombre / Babylights / Galaxy / Air Touch / Sun-kissed / Foilayage / Money Piece
RM268 onwards
RM80 onwards

Texture Control (Straightening)
RM300 onwards
Re-texture Bond
RM350 onwards
Re-texture "J" Bond (Volume Rebonding)
RM450 onwards
Tokio de Sinka Design Treatment Rebonding
RM450 onwards

Korean Texture Perm
C curl / J curl / S curl / Wave Curl
RM300 onwards
Re-texture Perm (Straighten & Curl)
RM450 onwards
Oppa Perm (Male)
RM288 onwards
Root Perm
RM288 onwards

Treatment Infused Perm
Repair Perm
RM380 onwards
Advante Water Perm
RM380 onwards
Mucota Omega Perm
RM380 onwards
Tokio de Sinka Design Treatment Wave
RM450 onwards

Signature Treatment (Frizzy Control)
Mucota Algana Argan Oil Treatment
RM380 onwards
K Gloss Smoothing Treatment
RM380 onwards
Advante Smooth Treatment
RM380 onwards
Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment
RM450 onwards
Tokio Design Frizzy Control Treatment
RM450 onwards

Hair Salon Spa Program (Deep Recovery & Moisturising)
Intensive Treatment (1 or 2 Steps)
RM150 onwards
Exclusive Treatment (3 or 4 Steps)
* Milbon / Mucota / Advante Water Treatment
RM240 onwards
Premium Treatment (5 Steps ++)
* Tokio Inkarami Advance Treatment
* Mucota Pure Treatment
* Mucota Scena + Hair & Scalp
* Global Milbon Smooth
* Shiseido
RM300 onwards
Add on With Ultrasonic Iron
RM80 onwards

Aroma Head Spa Salon Solutions
Rebalancing (Greasy / Oily Scalp)
RM180 onwards
Calming (Sensitive / Irritation Scalp)
RM180 onwards
Nourishing (Dry Scalp)
RM180 onwards
Purifying (Anti-dandruff)
RM180 onwards
Renewing (Anti-ageing)
RM240 onwards
Energizing (Anti hair loss)
RM240 onwards
Detoxifying (Depolluting / Revitalising)
RM300 onwards
- Dermatologically Tested
- Certified By NATURE